Alimentari salumeria Alleanza con arch. Verena Ewert


Delicatessen groceries Alleanza
with arch. Verena Ewert

CLIENT: Alleanza F.L. & C.

PLACE: Siena. Viale Vittorio Emanuele II, 29-31

YEAR: 2019

The current owners of the "Alliance", a well-known activity born in the 20s of the last century, decide to move the historical headquarters in via Camollia to Viale Vittorio Emanuele II, the main artery of entry to the city. The new project involves the reuse of premises previously occupied by another commercial activity. The study of pedestrian flows on the pavement / roadway of the street facing and therefore of the entire area "outside Porta Camollia", allowed to immediately identify the position of the counter for sale and therefore the entrance to the shop and the display window. The materials and colors to be used absolutely had to impart warmth and a sense of welcome to the entire shop, both for the display area and for the stopping area for short snacks. Reclaimed wood for the counter front, stone and steel on the horizontal planes, wooden paneling on the walls in the entrance area, the latter extended as a frame on the external windows. For the floor, handmade Sicilian cement tiles on a resin carpet. Finally, the use of low thickness laminate slabs, with a "graphite stone" type finish, for the cladding of the central pillar and the raised beam above, in order to insert them consistently in the context of the shop, avoiding being read as foreign bodies .

  • YEAR :
  • LOCATION : Siena, Italia
  • CATEGORY : Edifici Storici