Pasticceria Buti


Buti Bakery-Cafeteria with arch. Verena Ewert


CUSTOMER: “Pasticceria Buti” (Buti bakery)

LOCATION: Siena, Vittorio Emanuele II road

YEAR: 2017

Transformation of a historical commercial business, set up at the end of the 50s, into this Bakery-Cafeteria. The project enhances both the importance invested in the research of details and also in the research of the materials used for interior designing. The 3D plaster panels, that recall the shapes of the ingredients used in the laboratory below, the combination of the corten containers and wall paper, which create the background for the display of the products on sale, and finally the elegance of this gold leaf, used to enrich the front of the display counter, are all just some of the aspects that have embellished this store: a store that has handed down the art of the pastry chef from father to son.